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Twoism #2

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To elaborate a bit on the previous post; I think I am in a constant struggle between the idea, the concept, of ”twoism” and of wanting to go beyond the norm of togetherness. I think though that there is a deep human need to want to connect to other people that are very special to you, and I don’t think we’re able to have that kind of connection to very many people in our lives.

Psychologically, it all comes down to attachment theory, and I can honestly say I’ve only had that kind of attachment to a very limited number of people, one of the most important being my ex husband. When that attachment ”happened” it was one of the strongest moments in my entire life. I feel really fortunate to have had that chance, to recover emotionally in the connection to another human being.

That’s why I can’t really give up on the concept of emotional twoism, even if I am very hesitant to the common norm of relationship twoism. To look into another person’s eyes, knowing that you can fully give in, submit, to that person, since you trust them completely is one of the strongest and most beautiful feelings to ever experience. So… that’s why I love love!

Twoism album covers

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Sometimes I get obsessed by love. The concept of love.
And lately, Spotify has been nice enough to recommend some albums with beautiful covers on this topic!

Sebastian – Total


And most beautiful of all, Boards of Canada – Twoism

I think I love these covers because they also have that twin feel to them. Tvillingsjäl, it’s called in swedish; soulmate. Twin soul.
I like that idea, even if it’s most often some kind of illusion.


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Hittade det här som jag skrev för lite mer än ett år sen:

Det finns de där personerna
som är något alldeles speciellt:
De som kan titta in i ens själ.
Som får en att vilja blunda
för man vet inte vad de kan se där.

Det finns de där personerna
som får en att vilja luta kroppen
närmare och sjunka in.
Som får en att vilja
ta det man har och bara lämna över.

Det finns de där personerna
som får en att önska
så mycket att det gör ont.
Det är de där personerna
som gör en
så glad att man blir rädd.


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Story planning coming on pretty nicely


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I’ve got four days off.
That’s not entirely true, cause I will work during that time, but I don’t need to go to the office, and I’m free to plan and use every minute as I decide for myself.
I have borrowed my mother’s apartment. It has big windows and a large work table in a beautiful bright room. I want to take my stories there and lots of paper notes, and try to put it all out on a table. I hope there will be time and room for creativity
– especially I hope there will be room in my brain… 🙂

Space music by Boards of Canada